Agenda and minutes

Agenda and minutes

Venue: Board Room, Council Offices, Coalville

Contact: Democratic Services  01530 454512

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Apologies For Absence


There were no apologies received.


Declarations of Interest


Councillor J Legrys declared a disclosable non pecuniary interest in Item 6 – 2015/16 Events Update due to his involvement with Hermitage FM.


Councillor M B Wyatt declared a disclosable non pecuniary interest in any reference to Coalville, as a business owner in the Town Centre.


Councillor J Geary declared a disclosable non pecuniary interest in Item 5 – Capital Projects Update as a regular supporter of Coalville Town FC.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 156 KB


Consideration was given to the minutes of the meeting held on 9 July 2015.


Councillor J Geary commented that a visit to Broom Leys Allotments had still not been arranged, despite the suggestion at the last meeting that an open day would be held in September.


Councillor M B Wyatt stated that the Chairman of the allotments had been ill and that, as such, an open day had not been held. He confirmed that a response to the written request for a site visit would be forthcoming shortly.


Councillor J Geary thanked Members for contributing to the sub groups that had been held since the last meeting. He referred to comments made at a recent Cabinet meeting where the number of sub groups that the Working Party had formed had been criticised. He countered that the sub groups were an effective way in which to conduct Working Party business.


Councillor M B Wyatt stated that he was not happy that a member of Cabinet had tried to tell the Working Party what to do.


It was moved by Councillor J Legrys, seconded by Councillor R Adams and




the minutes of the meeting held 9 July 2015 be approved.


Cemetery Charges Update pdf icon PDF 11 KB


Councillor M Specht, as Chairman of the sub group, updated Members on the meeting that had been held. He stated that it had been confirmed that the cost of running each cemetery was divided by the number of properties in each precepting area and that, as Coalville had more properties, the cost per property was therefore less. He confirmed that the consensus of the meeting had been to maintain this as the way in which costs were calculated.


Councillor J Legrys stated that he agreed with this stance. He queried why this information had not been relayed back to the Parish Councils concerned. It was agreed that this should happen imminently.


Capital Projects Update pdf icon PDF 165 KB

Report of the Leisure Services Team Manager


The Leisure Services Team Manager presented the report to Members.


He provided the Working Party with an update on each of the ongoing projects.


Coalville Park Improvements


It was confirmed that work was continuing on the Peace Garden and that it was anticipated that the project would be finalised shortly before an official opening on 3 November to which Members of the Working Party would be invited.


Councillor M Specht suggested that Members that represented wards outside of the Coalville Special Expenses area also be invited to the official opening. The consensus of Members was to do this.


Councillors N Clarke and J Geary stated that they would not be able to attend the official opening.


Owen Street Recreation Ground


Electricity Upgrade


It was confirmed that a contractor had visited the site and presented costed proposals to update the floodlighting lux levels to satisfy the Football Association’s ground grading requirements should the club be promoted to a higher level. It was stated that the current floodlighting would be sufficient should the club be promoted one division, but no further. As such, it was stated that it was anticipated that the work would not take place until it became necessary to do so.


Councillor P Purver asked how long the works would take to complete should they become necessary. It was stated that the first stage of work would improve the lux levels by installing new light bulbs and would therefore be relatively quick to complete.


Councillor M Specht stated that he was uncertain as to why differing lux levels were required depending on the level of football that was being played. It was explained by Councillor J Geary that, at a higher level of football, there was a greater media presence that required brighter lighting for their equipment. Additionally, the current lighting was now 19 years old and had already failed twice previously. Consequently, as the lighting needed to be replaced, it would be logical to upgrade it at the same time.


Changing Room Development


It was stated that the building works had commenced and that it was anticipated that works would be completed in April 2016. As part of the funding agreement, the District Council would act as the Clerk of Works for the project and would be responsible for monitoring the build.


Entrance Trees


It was confirmed that this piece of work had now been completed.


Thringstone Miners Social Centre


It was stated that potential sources of funding were still being identified and that the project had been split into three phases with the outstanding money funds being earmarked for the first stage.


It was confirmed that a public consultation had been conducted via the distribution of flyers to households in the local vicinity. Only one response had been received and it had objected to the proposal. Given the very limited response, the planning and footpath diversion applications had now been submitted.


Additionally, work was continuing in order to secure further funding for the second and third phases.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 14.


2015/16 Events Update pdf icon PDF 334 KB

Report of the Cultural Services Team Manager


The Cultural Services Team Manager presented the report to Members.


He provided Members with an update on each event.


Christmas Lights Switch On Event


It was confirmed that the event would once again be combined with Town Team’s Food and Drink Festival on 21 November. This year, the lights will be switched on by Sheena McHugh who was a semi-finalist on The Voice television show and who lives in Coalville. It was proposed that this year’s free car parking on Saturdays would run for five consecutive Saturdays from 21 November.


Coalville Christmas Decorations


It was confirmed that a tender process had recently been completed and that the contract had been awarded to Field and Lawn who had provided the best overall value for money package.


At the sub group meeting held on 9 September, Members requested that a Christmas tree with lighting be installed in Memorial Square this year. The tree itself would cost £970 including installation, whilst the necessary lighting would cost £1,400. The tree would become an annual cost, however, the cost of the lighting would be one off and would then be incorporated into the new Field and Lawn contract.


It was confirmed that there was currently no budget set aside for such a project and that it would therefore be necessary to fund it from the reserves. Similarly, any costs arising due to damage to the tree and lights would also need to be funded in this way. Permission would also have to be sought from the County Council as the tree would be sited on their land.


Councillor M Specht stated that he would support funding a Christmas tree in Memorial Square this year, however, if it was vandalised, he would not be supporting such a move again in future years.


Councillor J Legrys suggested that there was CCTV in this area that may deter vandalism.


Councillor D Everitt stated that he believed that the Working Party should not allow the prospect of vandalism to prevent Members from approving the project. He stated the vast majority of the public were in favour of such a move.


Councillor N Clarke stated that Hermitage FM usually install a Christmas tree outside their building on Memorial Square. He suggested that the Council liaise with Hermitage FM to ensure the two trees complement each other.


Leicestershire Commemorates


It was stated that the Council had been approached by a national campaign that was promoting the idea of civic buildings being lit red for the duration of this year’s Poppy Appeal between 21 October and 11 November. Consequently, it had been proposed that the Clock Tower in Memorial Square be lit red during this period. Members stated their agreement with this proposal.




the Coalville Special Expenses Fund finance the installation of a Christmas tree in Memorial Square at a cost of £2,370.


Period 5 Actuals and Forecasted Outturn pdf icon PDF 195 KB

Report of the Head of Community Services

Additional documents:


The Head of Community Services presented the report to Members.


It was stated that there was currently a forecasted over spend for the year of £4,877. However, such a position was not atypical at this point in the financial year and was predominantly explained by a decrease in burial income over the summer months.


It was confirmed that budgets for the 2016/17 financial year were currently being finalised and that progress would be reported at the next meeting of the Working Party.




the Working Party notes the report.


Combined Fire Authority Public Consultation


Councillor J Geary, as Chairman of the Working Party, agreed to a request from Councillor M B Wyatt for an additional item to be discussed at the meeting regarding the public consultation that the combined fire authority was undertaking and specifically the changes that were being proposed for Coalville Fire Station.


Councillor M B Wyatt stated that the proposals looked to reduce the capacity of the fire service in Coalville. He queried the logic behind the proposals in that there was likely to be a large number of new dwellings built in the area and therefore a surge in the local population. As such, he stated that he believed such proposals were unfeasible. He stated that he felt that the Working Party should respond to the consultation collectively as they all represented wards that would be affected.


Councillor J Geary stated that the Labour group would be presenting a motion to the next full council regarding this issue that he hoped all Members would support.


It was asked whether the Working Party could respond to the consultation collectively. The Head of Community Services stated that he thought the Working Party’s terms of reference only allowed them to consider financial and budgetary matters that were then referred to Cabinet. As such, he stated that he did not think that a collective response would be feasible. However, he stated that he would check this and report back to Members at a later date.




Dates of Future Meetings

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Members noted the dates of the future meetings.


The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 15 December 2015 at 6.30pm in the Board Room.