Voting record

Voting record

 Council, Thursday, 23rd February, 2023 6.30 pm

Item: Robustness of Budget Estimates and Adequacy of Reserves

Approve the recommendations as set out in the report:

Motion status:Carried

ForR Ashman, R D Bayliss, D Bigby, R Blunt, R Boam, A J Bridgen, J Bridges, R Canny, J Clarke, D Everitt, T Eynon, M French, J Geary, L A Gillard, S Gillard, T Gillard, B Harrison-Rushton, D Harrison, M D Hay, G Hoult, J Hoult, R Johnson, J Legrys, K Merrie MBE, V Richichi, N J Rushton, A C Saffell, C A Sewell, S Sheahan, J G Simmons, N Smith, J Windram, A C Woodman and M B Wyatt34
AbstainC C Benfield1
Conflict Of InterestsNone0