Mailing list

Mailing list

Measham Parish Council

Each address below is displayed as a comma separated value (CSV) list. You can copy and paste this information into a text file. Open the file in your word processor or spreadsheet for use in mail merges.

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Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Postcode, Phone, Mobile, Email

Parish Councillor Glenys Banton, 36 Hart Drive, Measham, Derby, , DE12 7PH
Parish Councillor Edward Hodgetts, Measham House Farm, Gallows Lane, Measham, , DE12 7HD
Parish Councillor Colin Manifold, 18 Tennyson Close, Measham, Swadlincote, Derby, DE12 7ET
Parish Councillor Emma May, 37 Holly Road, Measham, Derbyshire, , DE12 7GW
Parish Councillor Anne Morgan, 35 Holly Road, Measham, Swadlincote, , DE12 7GW
Parish Councillor Robert Oakes, 60 Wilkes Avenue, Measham, Swadlincote, Derby, DE12 7LS
Parish Councillor Ruth Oakley, (Address not supplied)
Parish Councillor Stephen Plowman, (Address not supplied)
Dawn Roach, Measham Parish Council at Measham Leisure Centre, Off High Street, Measham, Swadlincote Derby, DE12 7HR, 01530 271833, ,
Parish Councillor David Wright, 9 Swainswood Park, Park Road, Overseal, Swadlincote
Parish Councillor Christine Wright, The Retreat, 9 Swainswood Park, Overseal, Swadlincote, DE12 6JX