Agenda item

Agenda item

Events Update

Report of the Cultural Services Team Manager


The Cultural Services Team Manager presented the report to Members.


The Chairman passed on complaints from businesses in Coalville in relation to the footfall being drawn to only one part of the town during the Christmas event.  He stressed the importance of engaging local businesses in future years and incorporating the event into other areas of the town.


The majority of Members gave positive feedback on the Christmas event but there were some complaints regarding the fireworks.  The overall feeling was that the fireworks were too loud for such a residential area and it was disturbing for children and animals.  There was a suggestion put forward for a laser light show rather than fireworks and Members were informed that this option was already being investigated by officers. 


Members noted that the condition of some of the Christmas lights were poor and there was also some issues with vandalism, the Chairman reported that he had started the ball rolling with gaining funding for some replacements.  Councillor J Geary commented on the artificial tree structure made out of lights in Hugglecote as it was very nice.  He suggested that this kind of alternative be looked into for Marlborough Square in future, as the tree was disappointing this year.


Councillor E Allman enjoyed the event and received good feedback, however, he was disappointed that businesses were not open.  He stressed the importance of engaging local businesses in the future. 


The Cultural Services Team Manager reported that the window dressing and reindeer trail around Coalville shops was very successful this year with approximately 50 businesses taking part.  Regarding the use of other areas, it was made clear that public safety was paramount and with such a large pedestrianised area available, it was preferable than using streets adjoining highways.  The Chairman commented that other areas in the district closed roads during Christmas events to make the use of highways safe for the public, he asked for costings for the this option to be made available.


Councillor A Bridgen suggested a parade led by a band for future Christmas events as in his experience, this type of activity attracted crowds.


Regarding the future events programme, Councillor J Geary suggested a Halloween event as he had seen a great community celebration on a recent holiday.  He believed this would take young people away from knocking on doors and celebrating all together as a community.  A number of Members supported this suggestion and put forward Coalville Park as a suitable venue.  The Cultural Services Team Manager explained that there was limited resources to run the events programme, but would look into the option.


It was moved by Councillor J Geary, seconded by J Legrys and




a)      The progress update on the 2019/20 events be noted.


b)      The 2020/21 proposed event programme be noted.


c)      The progress update on Christmas lights be noted.


d)      The progress update on 2019/20 grant scheme be noted.


At the conclusion of the item, at 7.45pm, Councillor J Geary left the meeting.


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