Agenda item

Agenda item

2019/20 Q3 Performance Report

Report of the Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development


The report was presented by Head of Human Resources and Organisation Development.


In response to a question in relation to agency staff from Councillor S Sheahan, it was clarified that agency costs were still within budget but were unfortunately over the target.  It was explained that a number of service areas had struggled to recruit to permanent posts, specifically in Housing Maintenance and Refuse.  In terms of Housing Maintenance, most of the work had been brought in house and agency staff would only be used in the short term whilst assessments were being undertaken on workloads.  Councillor S Sheahan felt that a plan was necessary to reduce the use of agency staff, as it seemed that they were currently employed on a reactive basis.  The Strategic Director assured Members that plans were already moving forward.


Councillor D Bigby commented that the time between reporting and the Committee recieveing was long, and asked for the timetabling to be reconsidered.  In relation to the leisure centre project, he asked if the delay was due to highway issues, which was affecting the work required for the pedestrian bridge.  He also suggested that the delay provided a good opportunity to investigate a greener heating system before building works began.  The Strategic Director agreed to discuss these matters with the appropriate officers and provide a full response outside of the meeting.


Councillor M B Wyatt expressed his disappointment that work was being undertaken on the new leisure centre site to clear trees when nesting season had begun.  He asked if the necessary assessments had been undertaken, and if so, be made available to Members.  The Strategic Director believed that assessments would have been undertaken as part of the planning permission stage; he would investigate and provide further information outside of the meeting.


Councillor A Bridgen felt that Coalville would benefit if the town centre boundary was extended to include the surrounding areas.  He believed the area would become more inclusive, vibrant and family friendly.  The Strategic Director agreed to take the suggestion back to officers.


Following a discussion in relation to the provision of affordable homes, the Strategic Director agreed to obtain further information on the progress towards the target.


Councillor E Allman acknowledged the national skill shortage in relation to the development control service and asked what was being done to attract candidates.  The Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development explained that unfortunately, pay grades at the Council did not follow market trends, but to make positions more competitive with the private sector, there was an option to add market supplements and to appoint at higher points on the pay grade.  He added that there had been some recent success with recruitment across the authority. 


Councillor D Bigby was pleased that establishing a local housing trading company was being investigated but asked that it be brought to scrutiny before being considered by Cabinet.  The Strategic Director confirmed that if it moved forward, a report would be submitted for scrutiny.


It was moved by Councillor V Richichi, seconded by Councillor J Hoult and




a)     The report be noted.


b)     Comments made by the committee be presented to Cabinet when considering the report.


Councillor M B Wyatt left the meeting during the discussion of the item.


Councillor V Richichi left the meeting at the conclusion of the item.


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