Agenda item

Agenda item

Capital Projects Update

Report of the Leisure Services Team Manager


The Head of Economic Regeneration presented the report to Members and provided an update on the ongoing projects.


Coalville Forest Adventure Park

Councillor J Geary expressed concerns regarding the significant increase in anti-social behaviour and asked if there had been any damage to the play equipment.  The Head of Economic Regeneration explained that the anti-social behaviour was mainly related to the consumption of alcohol on the park, which had resulted in broken glass, and graffiti on the equipment.  Officers were working with the Safer Stronger Communities team and the police to mitigate the issues.  It was confirmed that any paint on the equipment had been removed.


Melrose Road Play Hub

Councillor D Everitt asked for confirmation that the Permissive Footpath Agreement would include the steps as well as the actual footpath as there was no mention of them in the report.  The Head of Economic Regeneration agreed to provide confirmation outside of the meeting, as he did not have the information to hand.


Coalville Park Green

Councillors M B Wyatt, J Geary and J Legrys expressed concerns regarding the proposals to extend the park into the adjoining field, as it would restrict what could be done in area in the future.  It also provided a buffer between the park and residential area.  Councillor M B Wyatt felt it would be beneficial for the Friends of Coalville Park Group to attend the Working Party to discuss the future direction of the park.  Councillor J Legrys commented that as an attendee of the Friends of Coalville Park Group, there was a great deal of pressure from parents to upgrade the park and have play equipment on the field.  However, he did share residents’ concerns about possible anti-social behaviour and therefore the final decision would be a difficult one.


Lillehammer Drive

Councillor J Legrys thanked officers for their ongoing efforts on the project as they had worked very hard to get to the current position.  He reported that at a local meeting between the school and residents, the consensus was that the school should take over the responsibility of the land, which would mean that it could be properly regulated.  He accepted that there would be a cost for legal fees but he was in support of the recommendation to Cabinet.  Councillor M B Wyatt reiterated his concerns regarding the possible extension into the field at the rear of this site as it was mentioned as an option for the Section 106 funding.  Councillor J Geary requested a site visit for Members.  It was agreed for the Leisure Services Team Manager to arrange.


London Road Closed Cemetery

Councillor M B Wyatt commented that he had visited the cemetery and was pleased with the quality of the equipment.  He stressed the importance of making sure everyone within the cemetery was represented on the notice board.  The Head of Economic Regeneration assured Members that the notice board design would be presented to the Working Party before it was installed.


Coalville Floral Displays 2019

In response to a request from Councillor M B Wyatt, the Head of Economic regeneration agreed to provide an exact figure of costs for the project with a breakdown for Members.  Councillor J Geary liked what had been done at Memorial Square but he felt there was less floral displays in the Town Centre than previous years.


Coalville in Bloom 2020

Councillor M B Wyatt did not feel it was necessary to engage a consultant or actually enter the competition.  His main aim was to bring more flowers into the town centre.  Councillor A Black commented that it would be nice to see something at the gateways to the town.  Councillor M B Wyatt agreed and reported that the Bardon Quarry had shown an interest in supporting so an application for a grant could be worthwhile.


Trees in Coalville

Discussion was had on the possibility of installing gardens on the side of buildings in the town, as it would be unique and a good way to help with the environment.  The Head of Economic Regeneration agreed to look into it further.


It was moved by Councillor J Legrys, seconded by Councillor J Geary and




The progress update on the 2019/20 Capital Projects be noted.




Cabinet allocate £6,000 from Coalville special expenses to cover Barrat’s legal costs in the removal of covenants and changes to Section 106 Agreements regarding Lillehammer Drive MUGA and open space provision.



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