Agenda item

Agenda item

HS2 Update

Report of the Strategic Director of Place

Presented by the Business Portfolio Holder


Having declared a pecuniary interest, Councillors R Blunt, J G Coxon, T J Pendleton and S Sheahan left the room during consideration of this item and took no part in the discussion or voting thereon. 


Councillor D J Stevenson left the meeting at 8.41pm.


Councillor T Gillard presented the report to members, referring to the speculation in the media regarding the project and reminding members that work had commenced on the route at Birmingham.  He added that it was important to take action now to mitigate the impacts and maximise the benefits as there would be over 17 miles of the route in the district.  He advised that construction work was due to commence soon after obtaining royal assent in 2023, and the work in the district was likely to last around 5 years.  He added that the impacts on residents and businesses would be particularly severe in Measham, which was one of the more deprived areas in the district.  He also highlighted the disruption that would be caused around Packington and Kegworth, and added that he believed HS2 needed to do more to minimise the impacts. 


Councillor T Gillard stated that there were opportunities for benefits arising from the proposals including maximising transport links and regional and national economic benefits.  He stated that the Council had always supported its communities and it was clear to see there would be significant impacts especially during the construction period.  He emphasised the need to work together and stand firm with communities and businesses.  He thanked the Policy Development Group for their comments. 


Councillor N Clarke stated that the Labour Group had attempted to submit an amendment to recommendation 2, which had been rejected by the Monitoring Officer.  He sought to move the amendment once more and sought an explanation as to why it had not been allowed by the Monitoring Officer.


The Monitoring Officer explained that the amendment sought to negate the effect of the original motion and was therefore not a valid amendment.


Councillor M Specht stated that Policy Development Group had discussed this issue on more than one occasion and the major drawback was the lack of benefit for the district. 


Councillor J Bridges stated that he would be supporting the motion due to the need to be prepared, however he requested that it be recorded in the minutes that he did not support the project as a whole and believed that this section of the route would not proceed due to viability issues.  He added that the uncertainty had caused stifled growth in the area.


Councillor D Everitt expressed concerns regarding the affordability of the scheme and the lack of benefit for cross county traffic and the northern regions. 


Councillor J Legrys stated that he could not support this scheme and believed the line would not be built.  He stated that the blight of HS2 was affecting everyone and HS2 would not regenerate Coalville.  He expressed concerns regarding the adverse effect on the midland mainline and hoped that the project would be abandoned. 


Councillor J Hoult emphasised the importance of linking the infrastructure to the north and added that if every station had a stop, the line would no longer be high speed. 


Councillor R D Bayliss commented that it was important to be prepared.


Councillor N J Rushton stated that he believed the project would go ahead as there was cross-party support for it.  He added that a new modern railway was needed and he urged members to support the recommendations.


Councillor T Gillard exercised his right to reply and explained that there was a hub at Toton which connected to East Midland Airport.  He reminded members of the need to plan and be prepared for HS2 coming to North West Leicestershire. 


It was moved by Councillor T Gillard, seconded by Councillor N J Rushton and




1.     The work undertaken in relation to HS2 to date be noted, including:

              i.       The internal officer working group and partnership working with LCC,

             ii.       Working within the East Midlands HS2 strategic partnership to maximize the transport benefits of the station at Toton and, through their mitigation board, to coordinate the response to the impacts of HS2 at regional level,

           iii.       The response to the consultation by HS2 from NWLDC which took into account those of partners including LCC, town and parish councils and action groups,

           iv.       The Council encouraging and facilitating all partners, residents and businesses to submit comments to HS2 ltd.,

            v.       Inclusion of funding in the Council’s budget proposals for the next three years to enable specialist consultants to be employed to assist the council in obtaining the maximum mitigation and other benefits.

2.         The continuation of the partnership work by the Council be approved, which sought to maximise the benefits of HS2 to the district and to minimise the impacts on the district.

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