Agenda item

Agenda item

Capital Projects Update

Report of the Leisure Services Team Manager.


The Leisure Services Team Manager presented the report to members and provided an update on ongoing projects.


Owen Street Recreation Ground Floodlights

The Leisure Services Team Manager reported that the installation was complete and snagging had been undertaken. 


Thringstone Miners Social Centre Training Pitch

The Leisure Services Team Manager reported that no further trustee meetings had taken place since the last meeting of the Working Party. An update would be provided at the next meeting.


Coalville Forest Adventure Park

The Leisure Services Team Manager reported that work had commenced and was due to be completed in the next few weeks. 


Melrose Road Play Hub

The Leisure Services Team Manager reported that Legal Services had been instructed to progress the Permissive Footpath Agreement.


Coalville Park

Green Flag Award - The Leisure Services Team Manager reported that the improvement works were now ongoing and he thanked the Bardon Community Fund and Councillor M B Wyatt for their support.  26 people had expressed an interest in getting involved in the community group to support the management of the park.  The community group would not be a decision-making entity but would make recommendations to officers and members of the Working Party.   


The Leisure Services Team Manager invited members to consider whether they wished to have member representation on the group.  He highlighted that the member representative would not have voting rights, however he felt that this could provide a conduit between the group and the Working Party.  It was agreed that the relevant ward members should be the appointed representatives on the community group.


The Leisure Services Team Manager reported that a perception survey of Coalville Park had been undertaken and he highlighted the results of this, which would be fed into the community group and utilised to inform the management plan.   


The Leisure Services Team Manager advised that he had been approached by the Coalville Education Partnership regarding the management of the community garden and potential funding available.  A more robust business case had been requested from the Coalville Education Partnership and further information would be brought to the next meeting of the Working Party. 


Councillor J Legrys reported that he had been lobbied by the Coalville Education Partnership about taking over the site and he had expressed his concerns regarding the viability of the trust maintaining it long-term.  He commented that public money was being invested into such groups with no return, and the trust relied upon grants which may not be available in future.  He added that he would welcome more information from the trust on long term sustainability from the volunteers and how this could integrate with Friends of Coalville Park.  He wanted to ensure the investment could be acknowledged in the future.  He congratulated staff on achieving the fields in trust status and welcomed working toward the green flag award.


Councillor M Specht stated that he would welcome some provision for people suffering from mental health issues within the service level agreement.


It was agreed that progress updates be reported to the Working Party.


Fields in Trust – The Leisure Services Team Manager reported that Fields in Trust status had now been granted and a photo shoot would be organised once official confirmation had been received. 


Lillehammer Drive

The Leisure Services Team Manager reported that the MUGA had now been removed and the area fenced off.  Engagement was currently being undertaken with residents on the proposed landscaping.  100 residents had been written to, and 3 responses had been received so far. 


The Leisure Services Team Manager advised that the three Section 106 contributions had been received for landscaping, ongoing maintenance and open space, which could be utilised either for further maintenance or another MUGA, or could be used elsewhere with the permission of Barratts.  He added that members may want to consider seeking to use some of these monies for the improvements at Coalville park.


In response to questions from members, the Leisure Services Team Manager confirmed receipt of the Section 106 contributions. He advised that the resident consultation would end in the next 2 weeks and the landscaping work would commence imminently, weather permitting.  He explained that the equipment had been retained, however he could not confirm its suitability for future use. 


London Road Closed Cemetery

The Leisure Services Team Manager reported that work was now ongoing and he thanked Councillor M B Wyatt for his support with the funding application.  He explained that the War Graves Commission had confirmed that no funding was available to repair headstones that were not related to war graves, and none of the war graves at the cemetery had been damaged.


Councillor M Specht proposed a vote of thanks to Councillor M B Wyatt for securing the funding.


High Street - Hanging Baskets


Members agreed that this item should be deferred.


Councillor J Legrys asked that his request to extend the scheme to other roads in the town centre be noted. 


Members discussed the proposal to locate the baskets on lamp columns as opposed to buildings.


It was moved by Councillor M Specht, seconded by Councillor R Adams and




a)    The progress update on the 2018/19 Capital Projects be noted.




b)    The High Street – Hanging Baskets project be put on hold.


c)    Councillors J Legrys and J Cotterill be appointed as representatives on the Coalville Park community group as the relevant ward members.


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