Agenda item

Agenda item

Capital Projects Update

Report of the Leisure Services Team Manager


The Leisure Services Team Manager presented the report to Members and provided an update on ongoing projects.


Owen Street Recreation Ground

The Leisure Services Team Manager reported that the procurement process for the refurbishment of the floodlights had been completed and the contract had been awarded to OLighting Ltd.  Work would also need to be undertaken on the distribution of the power supply to ensure that it was adequate, this was currently being quoted for.


A planning application for the installation of the radio transmitter had been approved, along with the variation of the lease with the football club and written consent from the Council, therefore the delivery of the project was now with Hermitage FM and Coalville Town Football Club.  Therefore the item would be removed from future reports.  Councillor J Legrys added that Leicestershire County Council DLO was also involved in the delivery of the project.


Thringstone Miners Social Centre Training Pitch

The Leisure Services Team Manager reported that planning approval had been given for both the fencing and the footpath diversion.  At the last meeting of the Board of Trustees, a number of issues were highlighted regarding the financial stability of the football club, therefore the training pitch project would not be progressed until the issues had been resolved.


Coalville Forest Adventure Park

The Leisure Services Team Manager reported that improvement works had commenced and at the end of summer, there would be additional planting undertaken in partnership with CEP, plus the creation of an additional path.


Mobile Vehicle Activated Signage

The Leisure Services Team Manager informed Members that despite a number of teething issues, the signage was now operational.  Therefore the item would be removed from future reports.  At the request of Councillor N Clarke, it was agreed for the schedule of the signage positions to be re-circulated to Members.


Melrose Road Recreation Ground, Park Development

The development had now been completed and would therefore be removed from future reports.


Melrose Road Play Hub

The Leisure Services Team Manager reported that correspondence from the landowner had been received earlier in the day stating that his consent for the new footpath would only be given if it was for a Permissive Footpath Agreement.  It was believed that the cost for this would be approximately £1,500, so further investigation was required and once discussion had been had with Legal Services, further information would be provided for Members.


Coalville Park

The Leisure Services Team Manager reported that achievement of the Green Flag award had been included in the 2018/19 Council Delivery Plan.  With the assistance of a Green Flag Assessor, plans had been put in place throughout the year with the application process to be completed by 31 January 2019.  Councillor M B Wyatt suggested that officers apply to the Bardon Hill Quarry Community Fund for the money required to progress this project, rather than request the funds from Cabinet.  The Leisure Services Team Manager commented that he was happy to look into this option but asked Members to consider requesting the funds from Cabinet in case the application was unsuccessful.  Members agreed.


Following the previous meeting, an application had been submitted to apply for trust status for Coalville Park.  It was recommended that if the application was successful, the name of the park be mended to ‘Coalville Centenary Park’ to recognise it.  Councillor J Legrys commented that he was a little wary of renaming the park but he was happy to support if it would ease the progress of the fields in trust application.  There were no objections to the proposed renaming.


Councillor J Legrys requested that any ward member consultation regarding this matter include Councillor J Cotterill as the park was situated on both of the ward boundaries.


Lillehammer Drive

The Leisure Services Team Manager informed Members that a meeting had taken place with representatives of Barratt’s Homes in February, at which they expressed their interest in resolving the situation by 30 June.  Officers will continue to pursue the matter.  Councillor J Legrys congratulated the hard work undertaken by officers to resolve the matter and he was pleased that work could begin now that the planning notice has been received.  He asked that his thanks be passed onto all officers involved. 


London Road Closed Cemetery

Following the meeting held at the cemetery, Members were happy with the maintenance that had been carried out to date.  The main discussion points were:

-        Allocating money to maintain the grounds more regularly.  Members felt the maintenance work currently being undertaken was appropriate.

-        Allocating up to £4,500 to make the cemetery more welcoming to visitors including signage and benches.

-        As there were many headstones which were laid down, the Leisure Services Team Manager agreed to contact the War Graves Commission to see if funding was available to reinstate them.


Councillor M B Wyatt suggested that applications be made to the Bardon Hill Quarry Community Fund for the money required for improvements.  The Chairman asked officers to look into the matter further and report back to the next meeting.


Coalville Library

Councillor M B Wyatt explained that library staff and local people had raised concerns that the area outside the library was not appropriate for the changes in the area and was messy.  The suggestion was to take away the grass verges and planters to create a more open space with benches for people to enjoy.  The Leisure Services Team Manager reported that although it was Leicestershire County Council’s land, they had given permission for any improvement work to be undertaken.  He also commented that he was happy to progress with the project and would arrange a meeting with officers and Members so that a start could be made.


It was moved by Councillor J Legrys, seconded by Councillor J Geary and




a)         The progress update on the 2017/18 Capital Projects be noted.


b)         The 2018/19 Capital Projects be noted.




a)         If the application to Bardon Hills Quarry Community Fund was unsuccessful, £3,000 towards improvements to Coalville Park in order to help gain the Green Flag Award be allocated from balances.


b)         The name of Coalville Park be amended to ‘Coalville Centenary Park’, if the Fields in Trust application was successful.

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