Agenda item

Agenda item

Application for Variation of a Premises Licence

PREMISES:    VIP Rooms, North Street, Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire,                           LE65 1HS.


APPLICANT:  Ashley John Edward Rayner


To determine an application for a variation of a premises licence in respect of the above.


Representations have been received from Leicestershire Constabulary,

the District Council’s Environmental Protection section and one interested

party. A Notice of Hearing inviting them to attend has been sent to each

of them. If they fail to attend, the hearing can be held in their absence or



The following documents are attached: -


a)     Report of the Licensing Enforcement Officer.


At the beginning of the Hearing, the authority shall explain to the parties

the procedure it is proposed to follow. The Hearing shall take the form of

a discussion led by the authority and cross-examination shall not be

permitted unless it is required to consider the representations.





The application be permitted in part with amended conditions as below:


The premises operating hours shall be amended so that the terminal hours are as follows:-


Hours open to the public:

Sunday to Thursday                                                                   2.30am

Friday to Saturday                                                                      4.00am

Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, Sunday before Bank Holiday        4.00am

New Year’s Eve from the end of permitted hours to the start of permitted house on New Year's Day.


Supply of Alcohol

Sunday to Thursday                                                                   2am

Friday to Saturday                                                                      3.30am

Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, Sunday before Bank Holiday        3.30am

New Year’s Eve from the end of permitted hours to the start of permitted hours on New Year's Day.


Live Music, recorded music, performance of dance and anything of a similar description

Sunday to Thursday                                                                   2.30am

Friday to Saturday                                                                      4.00am

Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, Sunday before Bank Holiday        4.00am

New Year’s Eve from the end of permitted hours to the start of permitted hours on New Year’s Day.



As well as the conditions already attached to the licence, the Sub Committee felt it appropriate to add the following conditions:-


1.       No persons except those employed on the premises are allowed to enter or re-enter the venue after 0100hrs Sunday to Thursday and 0200hrs Friday to Saturday, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and Sunday before a Bank Holiday.


2.       Patrons will be allowed re-entry where they have left the premises to make use of the premises’ outdoor smoking area.


3.       All persons working at the premises in a security capacity will have access to radio communication device which will allow effective communication between all members of security and the Duty Manager.


4.       The licence holder shall join the Retail Radio Scheme or any similar scheme operating in the area and ensure that:-


a.       The communication equipment is kept in working order at all times.  If the communication equipment breaks then the Police shall be notified and the equipment shall be repaired within a reasonable period of time.


b.       The communication equipment shall be activated, made available to and monitored by the designated premises supervisor or a responsible member of staff at all times that the premises are open to the public.


c.        Any police instructions/directions are complied with whenever given.


d.       All instances of crime and disorder are reported via the communication equipment by the designated premises supervisor or a responsible member of staff to an agreed police contact point.


5.       The licence holder shall ensure that, where available, a body-worn camera  is worn by a suitable member of staff on Friday and Saturday nights from 2100hrs until the venue closes on each of those nights.


6.        CCTV shall be installed to specifications and in locations agreed with Leicestershire Police and maintained in accordance with the Information Commissioner’s CCTV Code of Practice.  The CCTV shall record during all times that the premises are open for any licensable activity.  All images are to be held for a minimum of 31 days.  All recordings are to be held in a secure holding facility.  If a tape system is used, tapes are to be replaced by new tapes every 6 months.  The 6 monthly replacement of tapes is to be recorded in an incident book held on the premises.  All images held are to be made available immediately on request by any of the Responsible Authorities.


7.       A staff member who is conversant with the operation of the CCTV system shall be on the premises at all times when they premises are open to the public.  This staff member must be able to show the Police or Licensing Authority recent data or footage with the absolute minimum of delay when requested to do so. 


8.       An incident log shall be kept on the premises and made available on request to the Police or Licensing Authority which will record the following:-


     all crimes reported to the premises

     all ejections of customers

     any complaints received

     any incidents of disorder

     all seizures of drugs or offensive weapons

     any faults in the CCTV system

     any refusal of the sale of alcohol

     any visit by a responsible authority or emergency service.


9.       Training will be provided for all staff, whether paid or unpaid, before they are allowed to sell alcohol and will include Challenge 25, proof of age, management conflict, serving intoxicated customers and refusals records.  The training will be documented.  The Designated Premises Supervisor will check that the training has been understood.  The training will be repeated at least annually.  Records of training will be provided to Responsible Authorities and the Licensing Authority on request.


10.    The licence holder will keep records of all door supervisors showing the names of the door supervisor, their address, their Security Industry Authority badge number and expiry date and the date/time they were employed.  These details will be provided to Responsible Authorities and the Licensing Authority on request.


11.    The licence holder shall employ a minimum of 3 SIA licensed door supervisors to be on duty at the entrance of the premises from 2200hrs on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday before a Bank Holiday, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year's Eve until the last admission times for the public and will employ a further SIA licensed member of staff for every 100 customers or part thereof on the premises.


12.    Prominent clear notices shall be displayed at all exits requesting customers to respect the needs of local residents and leave the premises and the area quietly.


13.    The licence holder shall ensure that no customers shall take glasses or open bottles from the premises.


14.    A Challenge 25 policy shall be operated at the premises at all times.  All staff shall require identification of all customers who appear to be less than 25 years old and wish to purchase alcohol.  Acceptable proof of age will be a PASS approved proof of age card, UK passport or a UK photographic driving licence or an Armed Forces identity card bearing the card holder’s date of birth.


15.    Challenge 25 materials shall be displayed at the premises including at the point of sale of alcohol to inform customers of the operation of the scheme.

Supporting documents: