Agenda item

Agenda item

Housing Revenue Account Budget & Rents 2023/24

Report of the Head of Finance


Councillor R D Bayliss presented the report to Members.


The recommendations as detailed within the report were moved by Councillor R D Bayliss and seconded by Councillor N J Rushton.


The Chairman referred to the amendments to the motion, which had been circulated in the additional papers.  He invited Councillor S Sheahan to put forward his amendment. 


Councillor S Sheahan outlined the amendment as detailed within the additional papers and it was moved by Councillor D Everitt.


A full and lengthy debate was held before the Chairman put the motion to the vote.  A recorded vote being required, the voting was as detailed below.


The amendment was declared LOST.


The Chairman referred Members to the substantive motion as set out within the agenda.


A further debate was held which received wide support for the budget, along with further discussions on the plans for zero carbon targets.


The Chairman then put the substantive motion to the vote. A recorded vote being required, the voting was as detailed below.


The motion was declared CARRIED.




1.      The Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Budget for 2023/24 (appendix 1) as summarised in section 2 of the report be approved.  This includes:


a)    Increasing rents by up to 7%


b)    Changes to fees and charges as detailed in appendix 3.


2.      The HRA Budget for 2023/25 – 2027/28 (appendix 1) be noted.


3.      The proposed HRA Capital Programme for 2023/24 (appendix 4) and planned financing as set out on section 3 of the report be approved.


4.      The HRA Budget for 2024/25 (appendix 4) be approved, to allow vehicles to be ordered in advance once approval has been given to move the scheme from the development pool to the active pool.


5.      The remaining elements of the HRA Capital Programmes 2024/25 – 2027/28 as detailed in appendix 4 be noted.



Supporting documents: