Agenda item

Agenda item

Local Plan Review - Evidence Base Update

Report of the Head of Planning and Infrastructure



The Planning Policy and Land Charges Team Manager presented the report, and brought members up to date with the new evidence finalised by external consultants.


An update had been undertaken to the Area of Separation study in view of the completion  of the new leisure centre which was located within the Area of Separation between Coalville, Whitwick and Thringstone and whether it would change any conclusions. The study had recommended some minor changes, but continued to provide justification for the Area of Separation.


In addition, a Green and Blue Infrastructure Study had been undertaken which identified the opportunities for enhancing existing provision. Some of these improvements could be done as part of new developments, but there could also be other means to achieve improvements outside of the planning system.


Officers noted that two pieces of work were still in progress, these being an new Infrastructure Delivery Plan and also an update to the Gypsy and Traveller Needs Assessment, both of which would be brought to the committee when they had been completed.


It was acknowledged that there was a lack of provision for traveller sites in the district and a member enquired when there would be a date set to receive a report detailing potential sites. Officers responded that the update needed assessment and that the report would hopefully be completed by the end of 2022 or early in 2023 when gaps had been finalised. It was noted that there was a particular difficulty in terms of identifying sites but that a lot of work had been done towards achieving this.


A member informed the meeting that he believed the siting of the new leisure centre was to replace a golf course with an alternative form of leisure and that as such, this would not lead to any further building on this area of land. Officers responded that from a planning policy point of view in determining the planning application for the new leisure centre that the area of separation policy was relevant and had been taken in to account. found to be so. The new study was intended to provide updated evidence now that the leisure centre was built and had concluded that part of the new leisure centre site was adjudged to making a less important contribution to the Area of Separation than it was previously.


It was confirmed that the old leisure centre is outside the area of separation, so any building or redevelopment on this site would not compromise this.


Councillor R Morris enquired whether sustainable urban drainage would need an enhanced requirement as it would be significant in terms of preventing flooding and to help the environment. Officers responded that while this was not a current priority, it would be something to be considered in due course.


It was moved by Councillor D Harrison, seconded by Councillor J Hoult and




i)              The outcome from the Area of Separation update report be noted.

ii)             The outcome from the Green and Blue Infrastructure Study be noted.

iii)    Progress on the preparation of an Infrastructure Delivery Plan and Gypsy and Traveller Needs Assessment be noted.



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