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Agenda item

Public Question and Answer Session


Question from Parish Councillor Susan Colledge to Councillor R Bayliss


The demolition of the Hermitage Leisure Centre will cause the release of captured carbon. The figure is worked out using the EC3 captured carbon calculator. Current environmental recommendation is to repurpose rather than demolish any building possible.


Has this figure been factored into your calculations on your zero carbon target? 


Response from Councillor R Bayliss


The EC3 calculator is an incredibly useful tool for considering the carbon footprint for a building which is about to be constructed. It includes a consideration of the embedded carbon that might be released when the building is eventually demolished and recycled at the end of its life. To provide any useful data the model requires knowledge of the embedded carbon value of the materials that are to be used in constructing the building. The embedded carbon in materials being a function of how they are produced.


Unfortunately, the model does not work for existing buildings. It is impossible to know what the embedded carbon value is of materials that were produced and incorporated into a building more than 30 years ago. For example, how was the steelwork within the building frame produced, was it new or recycled steel, locally produced or shipped from overseas, how was the foundry powered- coal or gas?


We will never be able to calculate a figure for the embedded carbon within the former Hermitage Leisure Centre. What we will do however is ensure that as much of the building as possible is recycled post demolition and we will also be able to calculate how much carbon is saved by no longer having to heat, light and secure the premises.




Supplementary Question from Parish Councillor Susan Colledge to Councillor R Bayliss


As there are many instances of captured carbon being worked out for old buildings, could the officers work it out as a best guess?


Response from Councillor R Bayliss


Councillor Bayliss acknowledged that he would be unable to answer on behalf of officers, however suggested that it would be financially impractical to bring the HLC building up to a C standard. Councillor R Bayliss assured Parish Councillor S Colledge that a response would be sought from officers and would be provided at a later date.



Question from Parish Councillor Peter Moult to Councillor R Bayliss.


As Parish Councillor P Moult had been delayed, Councillor Wyatt posed the question, and Parish Councillor P Moult posed the supplementary question upon his arrival.


The option of community ownership would deliver most of the aspirational ‘vision’ included within the original consultancy report.

As a forward thinking council, this would be a great step forward in the provision of infrastructure for the use of the whole area, in particular the vulnerable groups in our society who do not engage with the current mainstream sports and activities on offer.

As the option of community ownership will deliver most of that vision, why is it not being considered?



Response from Councillor R Bayliss


The vision document sets out plans for whole of the Hermitage Recreation Grounds.


The decision before Cabinet tonight relates only to that part of the Hermitage Recreation Grounds upon which Hermitage Leisure Centre sits and which Community Services have stated is no longer required by that service.


There is another Council department which has a need for the land upon which the Hermitage Leisure Centre buildings sit and it is in accordance with council policy to make the land available to that department for the delivery of alternative services, where those services are a priority for the Council.


Subject to Cabinet consideration of the vision document at a later date, it is intended that Hermitage Recreation Ground (excluding the Hermitage Leisure Centre land) will remain with Community Services for the delivery of the vision. It is perfectly reasonable to believe that community involvement in the operation of facilities on the area of Hermitage Recreation Grounds retained with Community Services is possible and can be explored further as the vision is developed into detailed proposals.


Supplementary question from Parish Councillor Peter Moult to Councillor R Bayliss.


How much did the original report from the consultancy which led to the proposal of ‘the vision’ cost?


Response from Councillor R Bayliss


The vision report cost £35,750




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