Agenda item

Agenda item

18/00707/REMM: Erection of 400 dwellings (Reserved Matters to Outline Planning Permission 16/01200/VCUM)

Land North of Standard Hill and West of Highfield Street, Hugglescote, Coalville, Leicestershire


The Principal Planning Officer presented the report to members.


Parish Councillor R Johnson, on behalf of Hugglescote and Donington le Heath Parish Council, addressed the committee highlighting the impact on the already heavily congested roads and the lack of mitigation to reduce pollution levels that would have a major effect on resident’s health.  Reference was made to the dangerous access and egress to the site at which fatalities had occurred in the past.  He also noted the lack of a construction management plan in place to control the construction traffic travelling through the village.


Mr D Wharrad, objector, addressed the committee highlighting his concerns in relation to the traffic impact on the already congested Highfield Street, the dangerous junction due to reduced visibility because of on-street parking, and the proposed access to the site.  Reference was made to the current Tree Preservation Order and the fence that had been erected to protect the trees, he felt that it was not enough to deter access to the wooded area which could be used to access neighbouring gardens.  There were also concerns that the proposed buffer zone would result in the loss of trees. 


Mr M Rathod, agent, addressed the committee highlighting the close working relationship with East Midlands Housing to provide a high-quality scheme, which included mixed housing types and affordable housing.  Reference was made to the recent changes to the application due to the incorporation of comments made by design officers and Leicestershire County Council.  The residents’ concerns regarding the access point were acknowledged and it was noted that in response, plans had been changed to provide off-street parking for more properties on Highfield Street.  The committee was urged to permit the application in accordance with the officer’s recommendations.


Councillor J Geary, ward member, addressed the committee highlighting the proposed service road at the back of Highfield Street, he felt it would not solve the on-street parking issues.  It was also noted that the proposals did not provide off-street parking for every household on the street and this was imperative.  He requested that any tree works undertaken be carried out by qualified tree surgeons and that any proposed boundary treatment discharge of condition submission be seen by himself as ward member before it was signed off.  Concerns were raised in relation to the proposed duplex flats as he felt it was straying away from planning policy and therefore setting a precedent.  The committee was urged to defer this application to allow for further information to be obtained from the application on the service road and off-street parking.    


In determining the application, the highway concerns were noted along with the off-street parking and protection of trees.  The lack of plans for the storage of materials during the development of the site was noted.  Regard was given to the continuing changes to the application, the latest change being submitted a few days prior to the committee meeting.  Some members were minded to defer the application so that further information could be obtained on the off-road parking for residents, the service road and the storage of materials.


Members were advised that the off-street parking and access to the service road was a goodwill gesture from the applicant and therefore a deferral on these grounds was not appropriate.  Reference was made to the update sheet, in which it confirmed that the applicant was happy for a condition to be added in relation to the storage of materials during works.  Members were reminded that outline planning permission had already been granted and work had already commenced on the site.


The Legal advisor confirmed that there would be a risk of the applicant appealing against r non determination of the application and therefore they could withdrawthe proposals to provide off-street parking if the application was deferred. 


The recommendation to defer the application to allow further information and assurances to be sought on the plan for the storage of materials, and the protection of the trees on the site was moved by Councillor J Legrys.  It was seconded by Councillor D Everitt.


The Chairman put the motion to the vote.  A recorded vote being required, the voting was as detailed below.  The motion was LOST.


The recommendation to permit the application in accordance with the officer’s recommendation was moved by Councillor R Boam and seconded by Councillor S Gillard.


The Chairman put the motion to the vote.  A recorded vote being required, the voting was as detailed below. 




The application be permitted in accordance with the recommendation of the Head of Planning and Infrastructure.





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