Agenda item

Agenda item

19/01496/OUTM: Development of up to 92,500 sq m GIA of storage and distribution units (B8), industrial units (B2) and light industrial units (B1c); service yards and parking areas; new vehicular accesses off Trent Lane / Station Road and Ryecroft Road with associated earthworks, drainage and attenuation features and other associated works (outline, all matters reserved except for the principal means of vehicular access to the site).

Land South Of Junction 1 Of The A50 Castle Donington Leicestershire DE72 2HN



The Principal Planning Officer presented the report to members.


Parish Councillor E Nudd, on behalf of Lockington and Hemington Parish Council, addressed the committee highlighting that they supported the officer recommendation to refuse the application. He noted that the conservation areas were almost surrounded by warehouses and industrial units and, the application would be contrary to policies EC2.2 and S3, which were there to protect residents from the harm of building in inappropriate locations. He urged the committee to reject the application.


Parish Councillor M Rogers, on behalf of Castle Donington Parish Council, addressed the committee highlighting that the application fell outside policy, concerns that the site was in a flood plain and the proposed highway changes would cause serious traffic issues. It was noted that there was no employment need for the site in the area and that the B8 quota for the area had been met. He urged the committee to refuse the application.


Mr S Haberfield, objector, addressed the committee highlighting that local residents had strong concerns over the amount of development in the area, along with the increase pollution that they bring. He noted that the data in relation to HGV movements was not an accurate reflection as it was taken during lockdown, when there was less traffic on the roads. He urged the committee to reject the application.


Mr R Barnes, agent, addressed the committee highlighting that the applicant was committed to long term investment in the district and would ensure that the development was of the highest quality and environmental standards. He noted the public transport service standard that had been agreed with highways, the net zero carbon commitment of the applicant and the economic contribution to the local economy. He noted that the landscaping matter was the only issue outstanding and the applicant had addressed it within the application.


Councillor R Canny, ward member, addressed the committee highlighting that the site fell outside the Limits to Development, had no end user and lay on a flood plain. It was noted that the area of separation between Castle Donington and Hemington would be undermined and, that local residents were concerned with the impact the increase in traffic would have on the already busy highway routes. Councillor Canny noted that the main reason for refusing the application was the severe visual impact the development would have on the area that was already overburdened with industrial and retail warehouses. She expressed concerns over the landscaping that was detailed in the report and urged the committee to refuse that application. 


In determining the application members expressed concerns that the site was outside the Limits to Development, that the landscaping mitigation, detailed in the report, would take too long to have any impact on the area, the visual amenity would be severely impacted and that the site was a flood plain. Members also felt that there was no need or demand for any further employment development with in the area as many other units in the district remained unused.


The recommendation to refuse the application in accordance with the officer’s recommendation was moved by Councillor J Legrys and seconded by Councillor J Hoult.


The Chairman put the motion to the vote. A recorded vote being required, the voting was as detailed below.




The application be refused in accordance with the recommendation of the Head of Planning and Infrastructure.


Having declared a non-pecuniary interest in item A2, Councillor N Smith stepped down from the chair and left the meeting for the consideration and voting on that item.


Councillor R Boam, as Deputy Chairman, took the chair.


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