Agenda item

Agenda item

2020/21 Quarter 4 Performance Report

Report of the Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development


The Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development presented the report.


During discussion, several questions of clarity were sought and answered by officers from the relevant service area.


In response to a question in relation to retail units in the District, the Head of Economic Regeneration agreed to provide more information on the number of units in Ashby compared to Coalville outside of the meeting.


A question was raised regarding the number of council homes sold under the Right to Buy Programme, the Head of Housing reported that it was approximately 45 homes and would confirm outside of the meeting.


Some concern was raised that zero trees had been delivered to local communities, especially considering the climate change agenda.  The Head of Community Services explained that due to the Pandemic, Public Heath guidelines restricted contact with the community and therefore this service had been paused.  The intention was to continue this service later this calendar year once the restrictions had been lifted and there were no concerns that targets could not be reached going forward. 


A discussion was had on the large increase in the amount of fly tipping, and it was acknowledged that this was a problem across the country which had been exacerbated by the Pandemic.  The Head of Community Services reported that work was being undertaken in this area with the street cleansing team, community groups such as the “Wombles” and litter pickers to make improvements.  He also assured Members that enforcement was still a priority, and the budget was in place for cameras to be erected to detect fly tipping.  The Council would continue to push forward and would prosecute offenders when caught.


In response to a question regarding the council spend on agency staff, the Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development explained that the overspend was entirely as a result of additional support required to run critical services during the Pandemic.  There were a number of staff that were shielding or unable to work during the lockdown periods and therefore additional agency staff were brought in on that basis.  


A comment was made on the target to seek external funding as it seemed to have been met by filling in the application forms rather than securing the funding itself.  It was suggested that Scrutiny monitor how the targets are set more carefully.  A request was also made for future reports to include an approximate figure on  expected funding  as well as the actual figure of funding received, for comparative purposes. 


A request was made to receive a copy of the options appraisal for Moira Furnace as the report stated that it had been completed.  The Strategic Director agreed to speak to the relevant officer and provide further information outside of the meeting.


In response to a comment made on the drop in figures in relation to the call centre statistics, the Strategic Director agreed to provide further narrative to Members outside of the meeting. 


It was moved by Councillor N Smith, seconded by Councillor E Allman and




The report be noted and comments made by the Committee be presented to Cabinet when it considers the report at its meeting on 27 July 2021.



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