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Finance System

Meeting: 20/09/2022 - Cabinet (Item 40)

40 Finance System

The report of the Strategic Director.

Presented by the Corporate Portfolio Holder.


The Corporate Portfolio Holder presented the report to members and emphasised the importance of having an up to date financial system.


The Portfolio Holder requested a change to the recommendations, as captured below in B) to add the clause that he be consulted before the contract is awarded


It was moved by Councillor N Rushton, seconded by Councillor R Blunt and




A)   The additional spend of £300,000 on the Finance System Project be approved .

B)   A contract of up to £100,450 to Embridge Consulting Ltd be awarded subject to approval by the Corporate Portfolio Holder once the final amount has been agreed.


Reason for Decision:


The level of expenditure on the proposed contract extension exceeds the authority level in the scheme of delegation and to ensure the contract is compliant.