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Coalville Special Expenses Draft Budget 2022/23

Meeting: 14/12/2021 - Coalville Special Expenses Working Party (Item 19)

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Report of the Finance Team Manager

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The Head of Finance presented the report to members, highlighting that at present the report remained a draft.


Councillor M B Wyatt advised that the expenditure sub group did not represent his views and felt that the group should have reported back before the draft budget was put to the main working party. He could not support the proposed 9% increase.


Members expressed a wish that they receive more consultation with regard to expenditure in their local areas, in particular play areas.


The Leisure Services Manager advised members that it had been discussed at previous meetings that the plan was to review all play area replacement plans, but it could not be done as a blanket approach and had to be prioritised. He noted that as each area came up officers would consult with local members as to what would need to be done.


It was noted that the original proposal was to increase the council tax by 13.7% and the sub group had proposed 9%.


Councillor J Legrys thanked Officers for help and guidance in assisting Members to understand the draft budget. He noted that a lot of time had been spent by the group debating the increase from 0% to 13.7% however it was also noted that it would be unavoidable if the Committee was to continue providing the service which it currently did.


The Chair observed that all comments be noted in order to pass on to Cabinet.





The comments made by the Working Party on the 2022/23 Draft Budget and the proposed indicative increase in the Coalville Special Expense precept be put forward to Cabinet on 11 January 2022 for consideration.