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PSPO - Netherfield Lane

Meeting: 07/12/2021 - Cabinet (Item 64)

64 Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) in Relation to the Restriction of Motor Vehicles in the Areas of Sawley, Lockington and Cavendish Bridge pdf icon PDF 382 KB

Report of the Strategic Director of Place

Presented by the Community Services Portfolio Holder


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Councillor Woodman presented the report, which found that there had been a dramatic decline in fly tipping and illegal encampments since the order had been put in place. Residents and landowners were found to be in favour of the extension.


It was moved by Councillor A Woodman seconded by Councillor R Blunt and




  1. The extension of the public spaces protection order in relation to the restriction of motor vehicles in the areas of Sawley, Lockington and Cavendish Bridge as detailed in Appendix B with the revised wording in Schedule 2 (D) and (L) be approved and
  2.  Future decisions on renewal or amendment of the PSPO be delegated to the Director.



Reason for decision: To extend the current PSPO for a further 3 years to prohibit unauthorised motor vehicles and reduce incidents of fly tipping and illegal encampments.