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Marlborough Square Public Realm

Meeting: 15/02/2022 - Cabinet (Item 88)

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Report of the Strategic Director

Presented by the Leader

Additional documents:


The Deputy Leader presented the report.


Members thanked the Scrutiny Committee for their comments, which had been noted.


It was noted that costs had increased, however that this was to be expected given the rise in costs of building materials and that the project would remain economically viable and be a good, high quality product.


It was moved by Councillor R Ashman, seconded by Councillor A Woodman and




1.It be recommended to Council at its meeting on 24 February 2022 that the additional £853,417 required to implement the Marlborough Square Public Realm project be found from the Coalville Regeneration Framework Budget Line being proposed in the 2022/23 Council Budget.


2.Based on the outcome of the tender exercise and the estimated other project costs set out in the report, it be agreed to proceed to award the construction contract and implement the project subject to approval by Council on 24 February 2022


3. Authority be delegated to the Strategic Director (place) to ensure that:


A) Those highways agreements necessary to deliver the public realm project be entered into

B) The terms of the construction contract be agreed

C) Such other agreements as shall be necessary to implement the project within the approved budget be completed.

D) Negotiation of a reduction or waiver of the Highways Authority fees and commuted lump sum proposed to be charged by Leicestershire County Council be sought.


Reason for decision: The decision on whether to enter into a contract of the size and nature set out in this paper is a matter for Cabinet.