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Events Update

Meeting: 11/06/2019 - Coalville Special Expenses Working Party (Item 6)

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Report of the Cultural Services Team Manager


The Cultural Services Team Manager presented the report, highlighting to Members the next meeting of the Events Sub Group on Tuesday 17 September at 5pm.


Following a discussion it was agreed to formalise the Events Sub Group and appoint the following five Members to it:


Councillor E Allman

Councillor A Black

Councillor D Everitt

Councillor M French

Councillor M B Wyatt


Coalville May Fair

Councillor J Legrys reported that he had received a written complaint, along with a number of verbal complaints regarding the noise of the event.


Councillor M B Wyatt reported that overall, the feedback regarding the event was very positive; the only concern was that due to the noise it was too much having the event over two weekends.  The Cultural Services Team Manager explained that it was the operator’s preference to hold the event over two weekends due to the commercial benefit.


Councillor D Everitt reported that the comments he had received were also positive and the event was enjoyed by many.


The Cultural Services Team Manager reported that the feedback from social media was positive and that the Environmental Protection Team had not received any direct complaints regarding the noise levels.  However, she noted the noise concerns and would ensure the levels were monitored next year.


Christmas in Coalville

Councillor M B Wyatt presented information to Members regarding a supplier of solar powered Christmas trees for hire that could be attached to the hanging basket brackets that were currently installed around the town centre.  He moved that officers look into the feasibility of hiring these additional decorations, and to allocate an additional £2,000 to the Christmas light budget to fund it.  It was seconded by Councillor M French.


Following a question from Councillor J Geary, Councillor M B Wyatt stressed that the idea was to hire the decorations not to purchase.  He added that if they were a success then it could be budgeted for in future years. 




a)     The progress update on 2019/20 events be noted.


b)     Councillors E Allman, A Black, D Everitt, M French and M B Wyatt be appointed to the Events Sub Group.


c)      Officers look into the feasibility of hiring Christmas decorations from Plantscape.




d)     The date for Music and Picnic in the Park be set as Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 June 2020.


e)     £2,000 be allocated from Coalville special expenses to the Christmas light budget to fund additional decorations if feasible.