Voting record

Voting record

 Council, Tuesday, 25th February, 2020 6.30 pm

Item: Budget and Council Tax 2020/21

Amendment to the Budget as submitted by Councillor S Sheahan:

Recorded Vote status:Rejected

Councillor Virge Richichi Against
Councillor Russell Boam Against
Councillor John Clarke Against
Councillor Marie French Against
Councillor Stuart Gillard Against
Councillor Bertie Harrison-Rushton Against
Councillor Tony Saffell Against
Councillor Nigel Smith Against
Councillor Andrew Woodman Against
Councillor Jake Windram Against
Councillor John Bridges Against
Councillor Robert Ashman Against
Councillor Dave Bigby For
Councillor Dr Terri Eynon For
Councillor Louise Gillard Against
Councillor Dan Harrison Against
Councillor Gill Hoult Against
Councillor John Legrys For
Councillor Elliott Allman Against
Councillor Richard Blunt Against
Councillor Rachel Canny Against
Councillor Tony Gillard Against
Councillor Michael Hay For
Councillor Russell Johnson For
Councillor Nicholas Rushton Against
Councillor Sean Sheahan For
Councillor Michael Wyatt Against
Councillor Roger Bayliss Against
Councillor Angela Black Against
Councillor Alexander Bridgen Against
Councillor David Everitt For
Councillor John Geary For
Councillor Jim Hoult Against
Councillor Keith Merrie MBE Against
Councillor Carol Sewell For
Councillor Daniel Tebbutt Against

Substantive Motion:

Recorded Vote status:Carried

Councillor Daniel Tebbutt For
Councillor Carol Sewell Abstain
Councillor Keith Merrie MBE For
Councillor Jim Hoult For
Councillor John Geary Abstain
Councillor David Everitt Abstain
Councillor Alexander Bridgen For
Councillor Angela Black Abstain
Councillor Roger Bayliss For
Councillor Michael Wyatt Abstain
Councillor Sean Sheahan Abstain
Councillor Nicholas Rushton For
Councillor Russell Johnson Abstain
Councillor Michael Hay Abstain
Councillor Tony Gillard For
Councillor Rachel Canny For
Councillor Richard Blunt For
Councillor Elliott Allman For
Councillor John Legrys Abstain
Councillor Gill Hoult For
Councillor Dan Harrison For
Councillor Louise Gillard For
Councillor Dr Terri Eynon Abstain
Councillor Dave Bigby Abstain
Councillor Robert Ashman For
Councillor John Bridges For
Councillor Jake Windram Abstain
Councillor Virge Richichi For
Councillor Russell Boam For
Councillor John Clarke For
Councillor Marie French Abstain
Councillor Stuart Gillard For
Councillor Bertie Harrison-Rushton For
Councillor Tony Saffell For
Councillor Nigel Smith For
Councillor Andrew Woodman For