Agenda item

Agenda item

End of Year Report

Report of the Head of Human Resources and Organisation Development


Members considered a report presented by Bev Smith, Chief Executive which set out the narrative which formed the basis of the End of Year Report based on the Council’s previous corporate priorities.


Reference was made to the fact that 31 of the 35 commitments were achieved or were still on target. Details of those commitments currently behind plan were set out in paragraphs 2.3 and 2.5 of the report.  Detailed achievements are set out in appendix one of the report.


The Chairman invited questions and comments.


In response to a question by Councillor Allman regarding the delay of the Marlborough Square refurbishments it was reported that the details of the revised plans will be presented in detail at the next meeting of the Community Scrutiny Committee, scheduled to be held on 23rd October 2019. Councillor Bigby asked for more information regarding the reason for not establishing a local housing trading company and it was acknowledged that, after detailed discussions with some neighbouring authorities on issues such as seeking additional benefits from sharing resources, it was considered that there was no evidence at this time to suggest that this approach would add any value to our current working practices. It is not off the agenda and these discussions will be continued to see if there is any scope for more collaborative working. Councillor Bridgen asked if there was any opportunity to extend the town centre boundary to enable more businesses to access the Future High Street Fund. Mark Fiander, Head of Economic Regeneration responded by advising that the Future High Street Fund proposals were still at the development stage but there were a number of Government constraints and a strict deadline of 11 January 2020 for the final bid. So it is an evolving situation but attempts are being made to be as inclusive as possible. Councillor Allman asked how many potential sites had been identified for the possible location of a cinema in Coalville. He also asked whether there was any scope to extend the waste collection facility at Coalville to accommodate the increase in the number of homes and business in the area as a number of people are being turned away.


In response to these questions he was advised that a cinema consultant had looked at a number of potential sites including previous cinema sites and the market hall site, although the latter will also have to be borne in mind as a possible station for the Ivanhoe line should this be a future development.  Paul Sanders, Head of Community Services advised that the waste collection facility at Coalville was a responsibility of the County Council and this issue would need to be referred to them.


Councillor Bridgen asked if there was any scope in ensuring that the Belvoir Centre development could follow a framework whereby they would have to adhere to regeneration target deadlines. Mr Fiander advised that we have no powers to insist this, only the leverage of the access to the Future High Street Fund, but he was as assured as he could be that they were committed to regenerating with the possibility of a first phase before Christmas, and he was pleased with the direction they were heading.


The Chairman advised that, in accordance with the recommendation, these comments would be reported to Cabinet.


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