Agenda item

Agenda item

2019/20 Q1 Performance Report

Report of the Head of Human Resources and Organisation Development



Members considered a report presented by Bev Smith, Chief Executive on the 2019/20 Quarter 1 Performance Report.


It was acknowledged that this was the first report following the introduction of In-Phase, a performance management system which will enable more transparency and visual presentation which will identify trends and assist with scrutiny. This will be rolled out to Members in due course and will enable portfolio holders to have direct access to live monitoring and give Members the ability to monitor progress against specific actions.  The report set out additional information relating to sickness absence, as was requested at the previous meeting. The report is still ‘work in progress’ and the way in which individuals’ actions are scrutinised is still at an early stage and Members will see more as the new system is rolled out. 


This report will be regularly presented to the Corporate Scrutiny Committee ahead of its submission to Cabinet which, again, will assist the scrutiny process.


The Chief Executive sought views on an area she would like to explore which is the inclusion of regional and national context around some of the key priority areas. For example, whilst we cannot be held responsible for employment or crime rates as they are not within our control, we are still a contributor to these and including this landscape will help scrutiny to link this back to our priorities. This additional information may also help with the uncertainties facing us over the next couple of months.


The Chairman invited questions and comments.


Councillor Allman welcomed the increase in recycling rates but questioned whether the 1% target was adequate or if there was more that could be done.


Paul Sanders, Head of Community Services advised that across the country recycling rates have plateaued and 1% is a pretty steep target.  Autumn will see the start of the food waste trials, which makes up about 30% of the average black bin and if this was rolled across the district then 1% should be achievable.


Councillor Bigby welcomed the Chief Executive’s suggestion of the inclusion of regional and national context. He also welcomed the food waste trial and hoped that this would be successful, but expressed some surprise that we were not doing this already. He felt that the inclusion of the electric charging point in the new car park in Ashby should be rolled out with some urgency rather than wait for the outcome of a pilot report, especially as he envisaged that the uptake on electric cars was set to increase.


Paul Sanders, Head of Community Services advised that the pilot had gone very well and discussions were ongoing with a number of suppliers on the best possible solution and this will be a key action in the carbon road map in 2020/21 going forwards.


Councillor Bigby reported that he was keen to see a stakeholders’ group established to oversee the works on Ashby Hood Park and that it was unfortunate that this was not set up at the outset. Mr Sanders agreed and confirmed that this had been programmed for September.


Councillor Hoult asked if there was a possibility of having our own bio-digester for household waste. Mr Sanders replied that this was a county function and they therefore determine where we take our food waste.


The Chairman advised that, in accordance with the recommendation, these comments would be reported to Cabinet.


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